Monday 12 November 2007

Opening night at the pavilion

(Kolja Nielsen from CEBRA, Tue Foged from EFFEKT and Anne Nørgaard Pagh from DAC talking to the Danish ambassador and his wife)

The 10th of November at 14.00 everyone was asked to leave the biennale so that the pavilion could be prepared for the grand opening. Over a short few hours bustling activity, mess and noise was replaced with a horn orchestra, party clothes, newly polished concrete floors and large crowds of people impatiently waiting to get in. But in Brazil, a certain set time is not more set, than that adding another hour or two to an appointment is perceived unproblematic. –Delightfully relaxed and extremely annoying.

After a rather long waiting the Brazilian governor finally held his speech and officially opened the biennale, within a few moments the building was packed with invited guests. The Governor then paced rapidly through the building, following a carefully planned route. This did however not stop the Danish Ambassador from seizing his attention, and getting him to make a short stop in front of the Danish area –the flashlights where hailing. Co-evolution is no ready for a warm and exciting exhibition period

Anne Nørgaard Pagh
Team manager Exhibitions

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