Tuesday 13 November 2007

The second largest city in the world

Arriving at the pavilion Monday morning, we realize that the biennale actually is closed on Mondays, and we take the day off to get a chance to see a little of Sao Paulo’s architecture. On top of one of Sao Paulo’s tallest buildings, Edificio Italia, the view is nothing less than spectacular. Although the building is 46 floors high, it is impossible to see beyond the city limits and Sao Paulo’s impressing skyline. I guess it finally dawns on us all that Sao Paulo really is the second largest city in the world.

When I come back to the hotel in the evening, I open my computer to find some exciting news; the curator of CO-EVOLUTION, Henrik Valeur, has been invited to take part in the jury of the “7th BIA General Exhibition of Architects”, which I believe reflects that CO-Evolution is being rather well perceived by the biennale organizers.

Kjersti Wikstrøm

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