Thursday 15 November 2007

Rounding off

(Sinus Lynge and Kolja Nielsen with the Brazilian moderator)

In conjunction to the 7th architecture biennale, the organizers have arranged a 4 days symposium of lectures and events, including talks and panels discussions by participating architects. The Danish delegates (curator Henrik Valeur and architects Kolja Nielsen_ CEBRA, Tue Foged and Sinus Lynge_EFFEKT) contribution to this was scheduled for Tuesday.

The biennales lecture halls are situated in a basement under the biennale building. There were no visible signs or indications leading the visitors down there, so we were not exactly surprised to arrive and discover that only a handful of people was sitting in the auditorium. However, as all introductions were completed and the 2 hour long lecture was in course, more people gradually trickled into the room. By the start of the following debate the atmosphere was rather intense and the room almost full. The Brazilian architects where quite demanding, asking a lot of intricate and long questions -- not all of them for the cause of getting a reply I believe. However, it turned out to be a rather interesting debate in the end, entertainingly supplemented by the constant giggles of the simulate interpreter talking to the audience through headphones.

Tuesday was also the last day at the biennale for most of us visiting from Denmark. It was actually quite upsetting to have to leave –both Sao Paulo and the beautiful biennale pavilion. I think we are all really hoping to be able to go back for the next biennale, as this has been a thoroughly amazing experience.

Kjersti Wikstrøm

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